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                The function of desk calendar / calendar is two:


                First, to deepen brand influence, spread brand personality. As everyone knows that advertising widely, a brand repeatedly appears in front of the people will be easy for people to remember, through the calendar this practical tool will be the character of brand culture into, every day in the transfer of intangible brand to your audience the impression is not very good?


                Second: to maintain the old customer stickiness, to promote new customer transactions. Like the track that calendar / calendar brand marketing can be cleverly designed into the year, such as member days, special holidays, preferential, of course, must be clever, but also to advance planning and design of the annual marketing strategy. When users use the desk calendar, they can find unexpected surprises, and also increase the user's experience and stickiness of the brand.


                2, what kind of desk calendar to attract people?


                Another, like path over the years contact a large number of enterprises, understand each customer's expectations are the most simple: spend the least money, do the most attractive calendar, as the name card, the confusion between the full enterprise quality culture.


                (1) you have to know yourself, what is the calendar for?


                Brand promotion, product promotion? Or is it just for you, me?. Give yourself a position, brand display class, or marketing function class, find the appropriate topics and publicity, clear their needs, content, in order to targeted.


                (2) you need to know what your audience likes What appeals?


                Give gifts of nature is what others think of love, if you do the product publicity, to dealers throughout the year with your product dealing with your product manual perhaps more representative of your company, or let him relax your calendar.


                3, how to choose your own desk calendar design and production company?


                (1) tell the design company you need quantity and size, and want to advertise content, how these are not clear, back to the second question, think carefully of their own needs.


                (2) you care very much about the price and budget, and do not have much idea about the design and content. It suggests that you should use your own designer or the free design of the printing shop.


                4, what kind of price is reasonable desk calendar design, production quotation?


                (1) ordinary 500 desk calendar, the general size of about 13-18 yuan, 1000 books in about 7-10 yuan, just for reference, different regions of different prices.


                (2) the design of Faye company varies, a strength of a price. The mature design company arranges at least 2 designers who have the design experience to finish. How much does the designer pay for a week? Smart, you know what the company provides templates, what companies offer is creative.