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                印刷是当今社会企事业单位宣传广告中必不可少的一种。 印刷作为一种图象与文字复制的技术,它的社会意义在于在复制文字与图象的同时记录、传播着相应的历史文化,因此,早出现印刷技术的必然是人类文明的古国。印刷作为一门用来复制的实用技术是中国人发明的,我们所熟知的印章即是它的早期雏形。印章在我国历史上出现的很早,大约在殷代即已经有大量由金属、石、陶、骨等制作的印章。早期的印章多为阴文,也就是文字凹于印面,再后来又出现了阳文印章,即文字凸出于印面,印章在历史上主要的使用功能是作为记号或标记的证明,尚不是以复制为主要目的工艺形式,但是简单的印章中包含了复制技术中凸版及凹版的深刻原理,对于印刷技术的发明在印的观念上以十分重要的启迪。

                Printing is an essential part of advertising in enterprises and institutions in today's society. As a kind of technology of printing image and text copy, it is the social significance of recording and spreading a corresponding history and culture, and at the same time in the copied text image so the earliest printing technology of the country is the human civilization. Printing, as a practical technique for copying, was invented by the Chinese. It is known as the early prototype of the seal. The seal appeared very early in the history of our country. Around the time of Yin Dynasty, there were a large number of seals made of metal, stone, pottery and bone. The seal of the early multi Yin Wen, also text is concave on the printing surface, then the embossed seal, namely text protruding from the seal surface, seal in the history of the main function is used as proof mark or mark, is not the main purpose is to copy the process form, but simply contains a seal deep copy printing and gravure technology in principle, for the invention of printing technique in India's concept with very important inspiration.


                In the early Tang Dynasty, we Chinese invention of woodblock printing plate, made with rosewood or Zaomu, with a knife carved out in the pages of graphic, and then coated with ink, and paper covered in ink on the plate, then brush pressure brush on paper, complete text transfer. This period of woodblock printing has an obvious drawback that every new information needs a re carving of a new block of wood, and wood carving process is very laborious and time-consuming, and the solution to this problem is the earliest to appear in china.


                In the Song Dynasty, Bi Sheng invented clay type printing. Movable type is composed of individual characters, which can be printed together with relevant graphic information, and can be reused after being disassembled and disassembled.


                Later, with the development of technology, the engraving and printing of the year 1340, China's invention of the color overprint is carved version, the same page content, according to the requirements of color carved pieces of the same size plates, each with a color, successive printed on the same page, from the beginning of the white color to the later five and seven. By 1620s, the invention of woodblock printed version, the fine carving, beautiful color, moderate, bright as superficial and deep.



                In the type of development in Fourteenth Century, a German Gutenberg summed up the experience and then printing technology, the development of lead, antimony, tin alloy type, so that the print cost is greatly reduced, greatly improve the quality and speed, and made outstanding contributions to the world history of printing.


                Album image can be a good display of the company's strength, and there is a promotion effect, album design is to show a company's overall image of the logo, so the album design is very important. But we should know the basic conditions and the function of the album design:


                1. plan style and enterprise brand image, such as a grid, so that more can deepen the propaganda and memory of the album company.


                2., should have the company product box, target population relations, and thus generate interest.


                3., the temptation should be given to target groups to receive recommendations for company products or services.