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                Ji'nan factory calendar calendar calendar, calendar and remember, as a symbol, it occupies the most prominent position city people living room, was so envious of welfare, workers at the end of the year, to receive a copy of the calendar, the calendar was a very good thing ah, humble, bearing age change, concentrated in the popular image of life. In 80s to mid 90s, the calendar, the calendar reached its peak, not only rich in content, themes and diverse materials is also changing, from plain paper to paper calendars, silk canvas calendars, calendars, calendars and other platinum. Changes in the world, and now, calendar, calendar is no longer a rarity, desk calendar, calendar functions returned to the origin, with commercial features, has become a corporate image display or promotion tool. At this point, we miss the calendar, calendar, "pure love" era......


                Now people pay attention to individual personality of two words, two words in the various aspects, such as small calendar calendar, whether it is business or personal, and hope that their custom calendar can be distinctive, leaving for Ji'nan to find everything fresh and new feeling, calendar calendar calendar, calendar printing factory and personalized production techniques are summarized as follows, hope help to you.


                First, font problems


                1, some font library describes different methods strokes overlapping output will share carefully through the stack


                2, English contains special characters in the text of the paragraph is prone to problems such as "- @ *," etc..


                3, the use of the new standard GBK font to solve the problem of lost rare.


                4, too fine font is best not to use more than 3 color mixing, such as C10M30Y80, similarly, also does not apply to the dark bottom anti white words.


                Two, the problem of gradual change


                This is the 1 common problems, such as red, black gradient, setting error, M100 to K100, the middle will be very ugly, the correct settings should be like this, M100, M100K100, under the careful analysis to understand, other analogy.


                2, transparent gradient is applicable to the network graph, gray image can also be finished, but the output can not be used, because the space for mixed mode RGB screen printing CMYK with mixed color difference is too big. Pay careful attention.


                Don't change 3, the black is too low, such as 5% black, because the output is less than 10% black overprint options, alternative black is usually used instead of overprint, lead to problems, also, the use of pure black light also have to be careful.


                Three, picture problems


                1, on the PSD file, there is one point to note is that you import it don't do any "destructive *", such as rotation, mirror, tilt, because of its transparent mask, the output produced after crushing figure.


                2, or mask used in CorelDRAW must be careful, when necessary, should take "is placed in the container" insurance comparison method.


                3, resolution and re sampling, do not do this in Corel, "conversion to bitmap" is indeed convenient, but the loss of color restoration, to professional points, in PS do well.