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                Ji'nan factory calendar calendar calendar, calendar and remember, as a symbol, it occupies the city people living room the most prominent place, was so envious of welfare, workers at the end of the year, to receive a copy of the calendar, the calendar was a very good thing ah, obscure it, carrying over time the change of concentration, a popular image of life.


                From the 80s to the middle of 90s, the desk calendar and calendar reached its peak. It was not only rich in content, varied in subjects, but also varied in materials, from ordinary paper materials to Xuan paper calendars, silk cloth calendars, oil painting calendars, platinum calendars, etc..


                Now the calendar is no longer a rarity. The function of desk calendar and calendar is back to the origin. With commercial characteristics, it has become a tool for displaying or promoting corporate image. At this time, we miss the calendar, calendar of the "pure love" era......



                Several details must be paid attention to custom design of desk calendar and calendar


                Every year to the new year, there is always the need for personalized enterprise customization, and personalized custom calendar, many details are easy to ignore


                This is very easy to cause the layout is not good, and even unknown theme, because some enterprises will be excessive pursuit of the appearance of the cover


                The details of the design are ignored, so the details are very important, want to make a unit of their colleagues are satisfied with calendar calendar, need to do a good job in the design process. There are four details below, need attention:


                First, desk calendar calendar custom design need to consider different people;


                Different people have different aesthetic and attention focus, so the appreciation of things and the evaluation of things are different.


                The same is a calendar, young people may prefer, while the elderly are very exclusive, so calendars design varies from person to person, such as children, the elderly design, the style of the format is different.


                Two, calendar calendar printing design should take into account the actual size of the calendar and length width ratio;


                The design should take into account the actual size of the calendar and length width ratio: some calendars are square type, some are longitudinal strip shape, and some are horizontal rectangle type, the design should take into account the actual size and length width ratio relationship, as far as possible after the design and appearance looks beautiful.


                Three, calendars, calendars, separate calendars can be hollowed out;


                The calendar is also crowded because of the special characters, and in order to distinguish easily, the general calendar is placed separately under the calendar.


                The month calendar text is not too many, also easy to see clearly, in order to highlight the picture on the calendar, you can only copy and copy the calendar text, paste as if the text is hollowed out, just like in the picture directly hit the text. Calendar design can be used as a reference.


                Four, calendar, calendar custom printing.


                If designing and making calendars and desk calendars is the first process, then printing it with an inkjet printer is the second process. In printing, pay attention to the selection of printing media. There are two kinds of common printing media: one is photo paper, and the other is coated paper.