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                In the whole process of production, the auxiliary materials used in color printing packaging enterprises, such as ink and solvent, are flammable and explosive materials, and the threat of fire is everywhere. A lot of printing production lines have been destroyed by fire in many enterprises in China. Therefore, the importance of fire prevention in printing process is related to whether plastic packaging enterprises can continue, steadily and healthfully develop.


                The fire accidents of packaging and printing enterprises mainly come from the production process of printing. In the daily production, all of them are combustible and explosive materials everywhere. The solvent used for blending ink and scrubbing roller is also highly volatile, highly flammable and explosive. The flash point of these solvents is very low, usually below 4 degrees, which is mainly manifested in the occasional spark (that is, flash away), which can cause rapid combustion. Moreover, the printing production workshop and temperature and the mosquitoes and flies, dust and other health conditions closed tightly, the air filled with flammable gas, fire danger. Once a fire occurs, it will bring immeasurable damage to the personal safety of the workers and the property of the enterprise. How should we do a good job of fire safety in the process of printing production?


                Establish and improve safety management system, strengthen staff safety training, improve staff's awareness of fire safety


                To do a good job of fire fighting at the grass-roots level, the first thing to do is to do a good job of "people", because many fire cases have proved that the fire is caused by human factors. For example: in the daily work, often with fire close to the dangerous goods, with iron flail sparks, repair, welding spark splash of electrical leakage or short circuit equipment, oil friction fire and so on, these phenomena are caused by the dangerous source of fire accidents. To prevent these hazards from happening, we need to regulate the behavior of "people", so that employees in the production line can recognize the danger of fire and the importance of their actions.



                The use of scientific means to control and eliminate the hidden dangers in the process of production


                How to prevent caused by electrostatic fire? We must know the necessary conditions of combustion or explosion caused by static electricity is that the environment there is flammable and explosive substances (such as used in the production of ink, solvent etc.); the conditions of production and accumulation of static electricity (printing process); the accumulation of static voltage high enough energy to medium breakdown discharge; electrostatic discharge energy is sufficient to ignite surrounding flammable substances (such as printing equipment, electrostatic region from the ink disc very close). But in the process of production, the above conditions can not be avoided, so the corresponding control measures can only be taken to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic fire.


                Improve the emergency response of fire fighting and improve the self-defense ability of employees


                While doing well the fire safety work in the production process, enterprises should also develop fire safety contingency plans, so that employees can know how to fight and protect themselves at the early stage in case of emergency.

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