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                When a shopping trend begins to enter the public life, people's pursuit of beauty is also increasing. At the same time, people's environmental awareness is also increasing. As long as shopping is done, it seems that handbag is an indispensable thing. As a result, the paper handbags began to gradually replace the traditional plastic handbags.


                The quality of product packaging is very important for sales. A beautiful product packaging is very valuable for improving the product's grade and attractiveness. The paper handbag, as an environment-friendly gift bag, is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Go shopping, go to the store and buy cosmetics brand shopping spree can always see people holding signs printed paper bags.


                In fact, before the paper handbag Market attention is not high. However, with the popularity of environmental restriction and environmental protection concept, people began to reexamine their advantages. Paper handbags also began to win more and more people's favor. As a resource that can be recycled and reused, environmental protection itself is a fashion. Instead of pursuing extravagant packages that exceed their own consumption, it is better to seek their own cultural values from a flat life. A beautiful design, and can show the mood of the paper shopping bag, do not need a lot of brand rendering, still can reflect the extraordinary taste of the consumer.


                虽说纸质手提袋的主要材质是纸,但是却也有细分,其中既包括比较厚重的白卡纸、压纹纸以及铜版纸、无光铜版纸,也包括韧性十足的牛皮纸、牛皮卡 纸和胶版纸。除此之外,尼龙、麻布等材质的配饰也被运用其上,彰显了夏日的闲适自在和多用途性,而且加入扎染的渐变色彩效果,在兼具未来感与民族风的同 时,也不失俏皮青春的活力。

                Although the main material of paper handbags is paper, there are also subdivisions, which include heavy white cardboard, embossed paper and coated paper, matte coated paper, including tough kraft paper, kraft cardboard and offset paper. In addition, nylon, linen and other materials are also used in the accessories, highlighting the carefree and versatility of the summer, and tie the effect of gradient colors, both in the sense of the future and the folk style at the same time, without losing the vitality of youth playful.


                The portable bag is how to enhance the core competitiveness of its own is very important, it is a very competitive era, only a good grasp of any industry initiative one step ahead of action in order to better occupy the market, obtains the market place actively, so for manufacturers, products innovation and quality assurance is a favorable guarantee the enterprise long-term vitality, the launch of a new style of shopping bags as long as it can better meet the requirements of customers can have very good sales.

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