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                Design is the composition of a specific function, whether it is a byte or an atom. This means that web design has benefited much from its ancestors, paper and ink.


                Printing is focused on readability, and the same is true on Web pages: only the "reader" is replaced by a "user". The goal should be clear expression and allow people to easily look at the whole design. Let's look at some of the concepts that are used in print design.




                Like newspapers, users don't read every word on the site - at least not at first. As described in the free e-book, "web page UI design for human eyes", it is the standard behavior of the user to scan the page. There are two modes to be considered when designing a scan. The first is the F mode. The F pattern reflects the most common way users look at pages. Their line of sight moves horizontally from above, then moves vertically along the left to look for the prominent text.


                Once they find the content that arouses their interest, they will start to browse the page horizontally again.


                Whether the sense of balance comes from symmetry, asymmetry, or radiate, it is to create a sense of stability and consistency in the design. If the user easily in your web page on, they will be more willing to stay.


                Don't be too dense in pictures or words: always consider the gap between the elements. Typesetting tends to be concise - a dense layout can hinder the user. It is difficult for the eyes to accept the confusion, making it more difficult for people to accept the flow of information.



                Consider the use of minimalist design to balance with white, black, or very deep background and foreground elements. The application of negative space can guide the attention of the user in the design of web page UI for human eyes.


                Let your design be reliable for all users. Do not use more than two types of fonts to ensure that all age users are able to read. Too messy can disturb information.


                If you find yourself at a loss in front of the screen, your design may contain too many pictures.


                When choosing a color scheme, we should always think of users. If it's a hospital website, use cool and gentle colors. If the audience is a teenager, it is suitable for more distinctive colors.

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