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                The Ministry of environmental protection recently informed, will strictly control "scattered sewage enterprises" as one of the most important content of strengthening supervision, to upgrade the emission standards of the enterprise, shall be closed before the end of September this year, and the implementation of "two three", that is, cutting off water and electricity, cleaning equipment, cleaning materials clear.


                In the early stage of environmental supervision, many enterprises are optimistic that the supervision of the wind, the local government under the pressure of economic growth or demands of non-compliance when enterprises spared, after all the packaging and printing development in many areas to provide great support for the local fiscal revenue.


                However, the local has hudu, the NDRC was ruthless, it is understood that many places have for environmental remediation ineffective by the national development and Reform Commission included in the "eight clear accountability" special action blacklist. Other local governments are also facing a lot of pressure. There are more and more environmental standards. Many devices need to be constantly updated, resulting in increasing costs. Such a burden is not borne by all enterprises, and some enterprises will stop production and stop production.



                "Luck": production and stole start at night


                This is very common in the workshop type of supporting enterprises, and even a lot of medium-sized enterprises are closed in the daytime, and they steal the start at night. However, with the implementation of the reporting system in various places, many enterprises in the night production have been suffering. The environmental protection departments even use UHV and monitoring equipment to supervise the key enterprises for 24 hours, while the night time power cuts and other mandatory means make the lucky companies face no road.


                Not only that, according to the latest environmental protection laws and regulations, illegal production, the production cost of the night will be unbearable, a bill might have a month's revenues vanish like soap bubbles. Stealing not only not right, money may also ruin the business enterprise ""!


                The employees have to eat the people's livelihood card.


                According to incomplete statistics, the limited production of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei alone caused hundreds of thousands of jobs to change or even lay off. So we can see that the government has made great efforts in environmental remediation. It is impossible for the government to take the "people's livelihood" as the capital to the government. It may also be counterproductive and subject to more stringent control.


                Under the environment of environmental protection, the packaging and printing industry will face another shuffle. It is no doubt a good thing for the whole packaging and printing industry to eliminate the survival of the fittest and eliminate the market environment. After some environmental baptism, Xiaobian suggested that packaging and printing enterprises should choose those manufacturers that have strong overall strength, advanced equipment technology and no greater environmental pressure. Because only in this way can we ensure that our packaging and printing products can have sufficient and stable supply guarantee, so that we can make sure that we do not lose chains at the critical moment, and make steady and steady money making.