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                No matter what kind of business design, its ultimate goal is to help customers promote sales, promote sales, otherwise beautiful design is meaningless. In this article, we discuss how to make information more effectively conveyed in design by using several low-cost single-page design cases. Some of the basic principles involved are suitable for any design project.
                Promotional single page design points

                First, set the scene first
                如果你把一个宣传单页想象成一台戏,那么纸张就是舞台。和戏剧一样,好的广告的作用就是要让人们的注意力都集中在你的产品上。因为产品的图片背景是比较暗的,那么宣传单页的背景也处理成黑色与它配合, ok, 舞台已经暗下来了,就等演出开始。当然背景并不一定就是黑色,不过处理成黑色是容易形成戏剧氛效果的方法。添加一个很细的边框,可以把它想象成幕布,引导读者的目光到中间的内容。这种线框一定要很细,如果太粗太亮就会分散读者的注意力。
                If you think of a leaflet page as a play, then the paper is the stage. Like drama, the role of good advertising is to focus people's attention on your products. Because the picture background of the product is dark, then the background of the single page is also handled in black with it, OK, the stage is already dark, and so on. Of course, the background is not necessarily black, but dealing with black is the easiest way to form dramatic atmosphere. Add a very narrow border to imagine it as a curtain and guide the reader's attention to the middle. This kind of frame must be very thin. If it is too thick and too bright, it will distract the reader's attention.

                Two. Push the product to the front desk
                Put your product in the prominent position of the page, as if you are in the backyard to greet a friend for a barbecue, and you will also put the chairs in the conspicuous place of the yard, so that every guest can see it. The picture of the product must be clear, the photo of the object is the most suitable. The quality of the photos provided by the general manufacturer is high. For example, the photo in the example, you can try to ask the manufacturer to ask for it. If you do not, then ask the photographer to take a high quality picture of the product, which may be expensive, but remember that if the customer doesn't look at the product clearly, they won't pay. Maybe sometimes you have an impulse to add some special effects to the product picture, wait a minute! In a product publicity list, the product is the focus of the display. Do not be smart to make some slanting and deformed effects. This will appear to be flashy, and do not make the picture too small. You think the customer will take up the magnifying glass to study it carefully; not to cut the picture like a poster, but the customer will only ignore it. The product itself even thinks you want to hide something intentionally.
                Three. Add the title
                Once the product is shown, the following text will be added to explain the product in more detail, introducing some of the advantages and uses that are not readily apparent. Customers enjoy experiencing new products, and if you imagine the customer as a very eager audience, you can write good headlines. Imagine, if you were to introduce this product to a good friend, what would you introduce first, starting with the most exciting part. In this case, the furniture seems to be made of cane, actually it is FRP, it is very strong, that is the characteristic. If you're selling a common commodity like a screwdriver, a bath towel, think about where your product is most popular, why customers want to buy them, and then write them in words.
                规则一:短标题更合适。我们平时说话时,如果一个人每说一句话都要用上 20 个以上的词,只会让听的人发疯。顾客可能喜欢你的产品,但是忍受不了你这样唠叨。一样话,百样说,好找一种简洁,准确的说法。规则二:不要叫嚷一些华而不实的口号。 强扭的瓜不甜, 喊这些口号不能帮助你卖东西,你会因为某种车宣称自己是代表“新新人类”就去买它吗?不会,你买一辆车是因为它外观漂亮,做工地道,价格适中或是刚好满足你的某种需要。
                Rule 1: short headings are more appropriate. When we speak normally, if a person uses more than 20 words in every sentence, he will only make the listens go mad. Customers may like your product, but you can't bear to nag it like this. If you say the same thing, it's better to find the most concise and accurate statement. Rule two: don't shout slogans. The twisted melon is not sweet. Calling these slogans won't help you sell things. Would you buy a car just because it claims to be a "new human being"? No, you buy a car because it looks beautiful, works authentic, the price is moderate or just to meet some of your needs.
                Four. The following words are added
                When you write your description, remember that the customer will only read it when he can find some interesting information, so you must find the interest of the customer when you write. Take a good look at your product, think about what information can make the customer know more about it, what details can be emphasized, and what good methods of use can be suggested. With this information, the customer is more likely to pick up the phone.
                Rule three: the customer is God. Customers are always the first ones. You can only stand aside. Only when customers take out money to buy your products, the world will be fine, or else everything will become meaningless. You have to respect this fact that a good advertisement should be able to accurately reflect the true advantages of the product. The text is not a defence of the product, but the fact that it is strengthened. If you think a customer will have no reason to buy your product, it's just daydreaming.
                What type of font to choose
                1.Times 字体是不错的选择。这些传统的字体让顾客有一种信赖感,平实的字体更能使产品引人注目。 标题和文字相的字体必须匹配,但是字符间距处理的更紧凑一点。 Times, Century, Garamond, Caslon 这几种字体都是不错的选择。
                The 1.Times font is a good choice. These traditional fonts give customers a sense of trust. Plain typefaces make products more attractive. The font of the title and text must match, but the character spacing processing is more compact. Times, Century, Garamond and Caslon are good choices.
                2.Bauhaus Heavy 字体。包豪斯风格的装饰字体就不太适合了,这是一种比较粗重的字体,本身的装饰性在整体页面中有点太惹眼,会让读者忽略了产品本身。这类字体用在海报更合适,而不是用在产品广告单页上。
                2.Bauhaus Heavy font. The Bauhaus style adornment font is not suitable, this is a relatively rough font, its own decoration on the whole page is a little too eye - catching, will let the reader ignore the product itself. This type of font is more appropriate for posters than for products leaflets.
                3.Snell Roundhand 和 Futura Heavy 字体配合。这个选择很不错,优雅的字体风格同时也配合了文字本身的意思, 标题中“Wicher Beautiful ”(漂亮的藤条编织)的字体很秀丽,而“ Fibrglass strong ”(坚硬的钢化玻璃)的字体很粗壮,字体的特点配合了字面的含义。一般如果字体很醒目或是很风格化,这种字体和文字之间的联系就会很明显,记住:我们的目的是突出产品的特性。
                3.Snell Roundhand and Futura Heavy font matching. This is a good choice. The elegant font style also matches the meaning of the text itself. The title "Wicher Beautiful" (beautiful rattan knit) is very beautiful, and "Fibrglass strong" (hard toughened glass) is very strong, the character of the font with the literal meaning. In general, if the font is very striking or very stylized, the connection between the font and the text will be obvious. Remember: our purpose is to highlight the characteristics of the product.
                Five. Add
                In the end, you have to hit your logo, but there are two reasons to identify the shape. In the process of selling, the store is finally realized. Remember that we are selling the product, not the store itself, and the small logo is more confident.
                Above is about the introduction of leaflet design, want to know more content, you can visit our website, there are more exciting content in the website waiting for you!