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                Picture album is a medium for spreading corporate culture, and it can also be regarded as a work of visual arbitration. A good picture album can not only give people a deep impression, but also make people wonder at the enjoyment of beauty, and further bring people to explore the corporate culture behind the image. Therefore, for the enterprise, picture album is a very important medium. As a printed matter, its quality depends on many factors. Paper is undoubtedly an important part. Many enterprises are worried that the printing factory will be a fish in the mud. Today we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of paper.
                One. How to distinguish the material of the printed paper
                1, first of all, we need to know what kind of paper we use in the print album, and we can distinguish it from the naked eye. It mainly uses dummy paper, double copper paper and double adhesive tape.
                2, the surface of the double copper paper has a layer of milk white coating, it looks very bright, the feel is very smooth, will reflect in the light. The company's promotional brochure is usually made of double copper paper. The composition principle of dummy paper and double copper paper is the same, but the surface coating is different. The surface of dummy paper does not reflect light. It feels more delicate and smooth. It's mostly used in some art books with strong artistic sense. Double adhesive tape, that is, writing paper, which is similar to that of printer, is white and smoother. If you look carefully at the naked eye, you can see the texture of the paper clearly. The paper surface is slightly coarser than the double copper paper and the dummy paper.
                3, the number of grams of paper has a great relationship with the thickness. The heavier the heavier paper is, the thicker it is.
                There are subtle differences in the paper thickness of different brands. When printing factories offer samples, you'd better ask which brand of paper they are. When you have a certain understanding of the printed material and the print material of the purchase, you can correctly judge whether the sample of the printing factory is in accordance with the instructions in your own hand.
                Two. How to check the quality of paper in printed picture books
                1. Reflex light vision examination
                The paper is spread on the inspection table or on the desktop. The color, whiteness, smoothness and smoothness of the paper are observed with the naked eye from the 30cm side of the paper. Notice whether the paper has dust, spots, holes, holes, folds, wrinkles, breaking, crack, angle, dirty point, bubble, pulp and other hard blocks, etc. When viewed, the eyes are flat on the surface of the paper, usually under ordinary indoor light. It is not suitable to use strong lights or direct sunlight. If necessary, we can observe with a general magnifying glass.
                2. Perspective examination
                Take care of the paper against the light source, let the light pass through the paper, and observe the quality of the paper with the naked eye. Check the evenness and opacity of paper tissue and check the quality of paper. Check the evenness and opacity of paper fibers.
                3. Oblique examination


                Some papers must be checked by oblique inspection to see the problem. Skew inspection is to raise or lower the edges of the paper with both hands, and to look at the paper from different angles and find out the defects or deficiencies of the appearance quality of the paper.
                4, hand touch examination
                Hand touch examination is reflected by the sense of touch of the sense organ. Hand examination can detect the different thickness of paper.
                5, hearing examination
                Hearing examination is to judge the performance of paper by shaking or rubbing the paper with its ears.
                纸张的强韧性通常被称做纸张的“身骨”。 “身骨”越强的纸响声越大,在张力作用下不容易拉断。不同原料制成的纸张响声也不同,一般木浆纸比较清脆,浆纸比较浑浊,棉浆纸比较柔和。同样原料用不同制浆方法生产出的纸张其响声也不同,一般硫酸盐法浆造的纸比亚硫酸盐法浆造的纸响声要大一些。
                The strength and toughness of paper is usually referred to as the "body bone" of paper. The stronger the paper is, the harder the body is, the harder it is to pull under tension. Paper made from different raw materials also has different sound. Generally, wood pulp paper is crisp, pulp paper is turbid, and cotton paper is softer. The sound of the paper produced by the same raw material in different pulping is also different, and the sound of paper made by kabibiya sulphate pulp made by kraft pulp is much larger.
                The above is the method we used to check the quality of the quality of the paper in the picture book printing. Have you all learned it? Ji'nan printing factory provides you with high quality printing service. We can not only print books, but also print card, print, carton, brochure, box printing and so on. Looking forward to contacting you, we will serve you with your heart. We look forward to working with you!