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                Today we'll introduce the picture album. The picture album is a kind of book printing with pictures as the main display. This kind of book printing is the picture album printing. The picture album printing is also suitable for the company's propaganda. The propaganda products are usually of high quality and well designed. Then if the design of the picture album is completed, what should be done when printing begins? What about it? Next, we will introduce what printing preparation we need to do after the album design.
                在画册设计好后,印刷之前也是需要 准备挺多的,下面就来介绍需要准备什么。
                After the album is designed, there is a lot of preparation before printing. Here's what you need to prepare.
                One: The sample is the general effect diagram that the artist uses to express the layout way, very small omitted details, relatively rough, is the most basic thing. A straight line or water wave represents the position of the text, and the box represents the position of the figure. Then the selected samples will be further developed.
                Two: In the sample, the artist draws the actual size of the advertisement, puts forward the final words of the candidate title and subtitle, arranges illustrations and photographs, and expresses the text with horizontal lines.
                Three: to the last draft, the production is already very meticulous, almost the same as finished products. Finals are usually detailed, with color photographs, well-defined font styles, sizes, and small images to match, plus a light-jet envelope. Now, the final text typesetting and the matching of image elements are performed by a computer, and the printed product looks like a four-color sample. At this stage, all image elements should be implemented.


                Four: the picture book embodies the appearance and feeling of Handbook, multi page material or display of sale points. With the help of color markers and computer samples, the artist puts the samples on cardboard by hand and then cuts and folds them according to size. For example, the handbook samples are arranged by page and look exactly the same as real products.
                Five: for the final copy of the printing plant, the words and graphics must be placed in an accurate position. Nowadays, most designers use computers to complete this part of the work, and there is no need for the process of patchwork. However, some albums still retain the traditional layout combination, marking black fonts and art elements on a blank page according to their respective positions, and then covering them with a piece of transparent paper, marking the color tone and position.
                Six: in the end, the top executives of the enterprises examine the selected concepts and texts.
                These are the six points that need to be prepared after the design before printing, and the things that need to be prepared before printing are also very important, not because it is complicated to scratch things, perhaps because of the negligence of a step will cause damage. Thank you for your attention to our company, want to know more relevant information, you can pay attention to our website, there are more wonderful content on the site, I hope to help you!