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                  In modern commodity sales and various promotional activities, shopping handbags can be said to be a necessary good product, such as some clothing, gifts, electronic products and other products in the transaction, will be accompanied by a large and small, with their own brand LOGO logo handbags, both convenient for customers to carry, but also invisible mention. High-grade products publicize their own brand, Shandong Printing Factory and some businesses will produce a number of handbags with publicity plan for large distribution, in order to promote brand implementation. Of course, to a certain extent, the more sophisticated the handbag printing and manufacturing, the more advanced the packaging and the higher the cost. Therefore, the customization of shopping handbags is also one of the daily business needs of major businesses.


                  Shandong printing factory



                  Generally, two seats are used to print, adding the difficulty of predicted "wet" and "dry" values. Limited by the above conditions, the predictable situation almost runs counter to the requirements of the buyer's specifications! uuuuuuuuuuu Generally speaking, Shandong Printing Company will not easily accept this order, and small printing companies may not have the skills to complete these very strict specifications. At that time, the printer just bought the "computer color matching" system, and the application skills of Shandong Printing Factory operators still did not meet the perfunctory requirements. Therefore, we sent the printers and special tone matching technicians of the Skills Support Department to use the "X-Rite" detection instrument in the ink room to process the data. Testing and simulation, completely without manual deployment, and finally successfully completed all the above requirements.


                  The paper handbags people see everyday, such as gift bags, shopping bags, advertising handbags, Shandong Printing Factory mostly use heavy kraft paper, kraft cardboard, offset paper, light coated paper, white cardboard, embossed paper and copper plate paper, matte copperplate paper, through offset press printing, die cutting, sticking and forming. Because of the modernization of printing skills and equipment, printing patterns are exquisite, delicate and rich in form. And according to the needs of customers, it can be coated, add its endurance and water resistance; it can also be Matt film, while showing off the quality of goods without lowering the identity of users; some simply made of pure kraft paper, such as with a common professional planning, can give the product a simple and elegant style, looks low-key. The luxury casually reveals the noble smell.


                  The above is the classification of paper handbags. If you need Shandong printing and packaging products, you can directly click on our official website for consultation: