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                  Gift box packaging printing has been carried out to this day, packaging and products have been integrated. Packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics and consumer mentality, which directly affects consumers'purchasing desire. Therefore, professional gift box packaging and printing enterprises generally have rich production experience, can perfect the integration of commercial value and printing art. However, in some details, such as the opening of the glue in the bonding process, we need to work harder.


                  Gift box packaging and printing in the process of bonding gift box and other packaging products, it is always easy to present the following problems: too thick gel brush lead to glue overflow after pressing, which not only affects the beauty of the product, but also easy to occur between the packaging boxes adhesion. If this happens, it should be aired for 2-5 minutes after brushing, and then pressed after the adhesive is slightly dry.



                  With the increasing awareness of carbon emissions, energy consumption and waste reduction policies, gift packaging and printing has been far away from the word "excessive". Professionals point out that consumers are not satisfied with excessive packaging, and the response to the market, gift packaging and printing enterprises need to make improvements, not only to adhere to the beautiful characteristics of gifts, but also to eradicate the phenomenon of poor packaging, which is a favorable driving factor for the sustainable development of the gift profession. In the process of developing gift profession, packaging industry has always been closely linked with gift market. As for the gift packaging and printing profession, green, personalized and creative will become the best tool to move consumers.


                  In gift box packaging and printing, if there is no pressing or too little pressure, the product will automatically pop up after bonding. This situation is mainly aimed at products with high stiffness, so at least half an hour of pressing, because many adhesives are contact adhesive, so it is necessary to effectively press the two bonded surfaces together. In unit time, if the initial adhesive force is less than the elastic force of the product, the product will pop up. It will pop up, so the average product requires 0.5 hours of pressing time.


                  Gift box packaging and printing in the middle of winter will also show degumming phenomenon. This is mainly because some adhesives have poor low temperature resistance. When the temperature is below 5 C, the surface of the adhesive will lose its activity, which will lead to the decrease or disappearance of the adhesive force. In hot summer, sticky boxes will also appear in the warehouse or transport trunk, showing springing and degumming. This is mainly due to the poor high temperature resistance of the adhesive, which shows that the adhesive layer softens and the strength decreases at the temperature of 50-60 C, and then leads to degumming of the packaging box.

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