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                  The function of handbag printing planning is mainly manifested in its convenience, practicality, maintenance and publicity. In order to seek the rationality of the planning function of handbag, planners not only need to work hard in planning, but also ensure the printing process in the later stage. As the handbag is an important item to show the image and civilization of the enterprise, the quality of its printing directly affects people's understanding of the enterprise. Therefore, when printing handbags, we need to master certain methods to ensure the ultimate beauty and generosity of handbags.


                  In modern product sales and various promotional activities, shopping handbags can be said to be a necessary good product, such as some clothing, gifts, electronic products and other products in the transaction, will be accompanied by a large and appropriate, with their own brand LOGO logo handbag, not only convenient for customers to carry, but also invisibly improve the level of products to promote their own brand, there is also one. Some businesses will make handbags with promotional plans and distribute them in large quantities to promote brand promotion. Of course, to a certain extent, the more sophisticated handbag printing and production, the more advanced its packaging, the higher the cost, so shopping handbag customization is also one of the daily business needs that major businesses attach importance to.



                  In order to publicize products and services more effectively, almost all businesses will match their products with exquisite handbags. Watching auto shows, shopping in shopping malls, buying cosmetics, going to famous stores to sweep goods, publishing houses to open new book conferences, product dealers to hold new product promotion meetings... People who go all the way back always carry all kinds of paper bags in their hands. Some of these paper bags are large and some are petite; some are elegant, some are beautiful and some are solemn; some are painted or innovative to win by shape, or humorous and funny; some focus on the use of products, and some highlight product characteristics. These large and small paper handbags make up a colorful scene in the street.


                  Nowadays, paper handbags, such as gift bags, shopping bags and advertising handbags, are mostly made of heavy kraft paper, kraft cardboard, offset paper, light coated paper, white cardboard, embossed paper, copperplate paper and Matt copperplate paper, which are printed, die-cut, glued and molded by offset press. Because of the modernization of printing technology and equipment, printing pictures are exquisite, delicate and rich in form. And according to the needs of customers, it can be coated to increase its endurance and water resistance; it can also be Matt film, in boasting of product quality without reducing the identity of users; some simply made of pure kraft paper, such as with a unique professional planning, can give the product quality simple and elegant style, it seems that low-key luxury casually reveals the noble atmosphere.


                  According to reports, as far as the price of handbag printing is concerned, the cost of copper cardboard handbag is the highest, followed by white cardboard, white cardboard with grey background and white cardboard with white background. If film covering is needed, the production cost is higher than kraft paper. Kraft paper has good stiffness and endurance, rough appearance, and with background color, generally not suitable for 4-color printing, only do some monochrome printing, and do not need to cover the surface.


                  With the rapid development of economy, China's gift market has evolved into a gift economy, and the concept of gifts has undergone tremendous changes. Liquor, red wine, famous brand bags, high-grade cosmetics, celebrity calligraphy and paintings, new electronic products and so on are all included. Handbags, as popular external packaging items for the masses, are the cheapest things advertised and used by businessmen.


                  Above is the relevant information collated by Jinan handbag manufacturer. More product needs can be consulted by clicking on our official website: