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                彩印包装盒是商品组成的一局部,同时彩印包装盒的定制就是商品消费的一局部。包装盒的功用主要有四个方面:维护产品功用、存储运输功用、促进销售功用、增加盈利功用。 除以上四个功用之外,包装的广告传播功用近些年遭到了普遍关注。

                  The color printing packaging box is a part of the commodity composition, and the customization of the color printing packaging box is a part of the commodity consumption. There are four main functions of packing boxes: maintaining product function, storing and transporting function, promoting sales function and increasing profit function. In addition to the above four functions, the advertising communication function of packaging has attracted widespread attention in recent years.


                  First, the function of advertisement is that product packaging can be used as a carrier of advertisement information dissemination of packaged products and even other products. It can be seen that the customization of packaging boxes is very important.


                  Second, in terms of customization, not only refers to consumption, but also includes design and positioning and so on. As the carrier of advertising information, packaging box design can include brand, trademark, product advertising language, advertising image, advertising pictures, product information and other advertising communication elements.


                  3. When consumers read or read the packaging words or pictures, the advertising communication function of packaging is virtually completed. This is the advertisement of packing boxes, the promotion of sales and the increase of profit function!


                  Fourthly, the transport function is not to mention. Visual is the time of online shopping, can never be just products without packaging. Any product has to be packaged for freight. It is therefore very important to customize packaging boxes. Customizing a packaging box with four functions is the demand of every business.


                  In the face of the current difficult situation, how should China's packaging and printing industry deal with the changes in the maintenance equipment of packaging and printing equipment?



                  First, seize the new momentum of packaging and printing market


                  Compared with other industries, packaging and printing equipment maintenance device is relatively lucky. With the progress of human science and technology and the progress of life and death level, in the situation of extinction of real estate related industries and export processing industries, express packaging, cold chain packaging, agricultural products packaging and other areas will generate new momentum.


                  II. Adjustment of product structure in response to market situation


                  Wholesale Easy Packaging is a new type of packaging which is easy to open, convenient shelf sales, with intense visual impact and brand display effect. At present, in Europe and the United States, the growth rate of this delicate printing packaging is twice that of ordinary corrugated packaging. In China, wholesale and easy-to-pack has just taken off and is a fertile soil worth exploring.


                  With the trend of green low-carbon environmental protection becoming more and more popular, many enterprises have more and more intense demand for simplified product packaging. In addition, in some areas, packaging is developing toward palletization and miniaturization. Packaging enterprises should pay attention to the fluctuation of packaging market.


                  3. Evaluate the risk of major customers'orders and make good plans ahead of time


                  For many enterprises, orders come largely from some large foreign-funded enterprises. However, the cost of the formation of the Chinese system is much higher than that of Southeast Asia. It was a general trend for foreign-funded enterprises to withdraw to Southeast Asia. Therefore, the enterprise needs to stop risk assessment of customer orders in order to prevent the impact of sudden disappearance of customer orders on enterprises.