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                  The customization effect of printing paper bags began to emerge as early as the Tang and Song Dynasties, but the printing materials at that time and today have gradually changed. Now that the printing technology of packaging factories has a long history, many aspects still seem a little out of step with this generation, so that it is on the verge of elimination. Today, Xiaobian will share with you what problems are faced by the traditional printing technology for handbag customization.


                  The most serious problem is environmental protection. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to environmental protection, and the emission standards have gradually shrunk. This is a gradual shrinkage of the development space for the printing paper bag customization industry, mainly because of the printing ink information problem, which is similar to many chemical industries, and the emission exceeding the standard is the most serious. Many small factories that make handbags will choose confidential processing or shut down at the end of the year because the cost of discharging handbags they make is too high and they are unwilling to make filtering measures. Therefore, they will incur fines from environmental protection departments. This series of problems are real, and there is still no particularly good way to deal with this problem so far.



                  So there are many small peers will be confused, can't today's technology development meet the environmental protection needs of printing paper bag customization, in fact, it is not, as mentioned above, the discharge filter disposal is not appropriate, or the strength is not good enough equipment, so there is no way to meet the standard, in order to reach this standard, paper bag customization manufacturers need certain financial strength to purchase these equipment, But these equipments are not affordable by ordinary small workshops, so they can't be done quickly, and wool comes from sheep. The reason why the price of big manufacturers is too expensive is that the cost of various equipments should be slowed down, and the small workshops do not have these costs, so they are much cheaper. If these equipments are made, their cost will naturally rise, relatively large manufacturers will be in all respects. In terms of the scope of their former reputation, they would appear to be uncompetitive themselves.


                  Since there is no suitable machine for purchasing printed paper bags, we can choose some comparatively good environmental protection materials from the original materials. This cost is certainly cheaper than buying a machine with hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is true in theory, but many environmentally friendly inks are not as cheap as expected. On the contrary, these environmentally friendly inks are quite expensive, at least with special colors. Over 200% of the cost, so many small workshops will be deterred, and there are not many choices for them, so the environmental protection problems in printing can be entangled with hand bags because of these reasons.


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