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                一、 平版UV印刷的特性

                  I. Characteristics of lithographic UV printing


                  Generally speaking, the advantages of UV printing are as follows:

                  1. 色彩饱和度高,色彩效果好。与传统平版印刷相比较,平版UV印刷可以获得比较高的色彩效果,对于色彩要求较严格的印刷品,可获得较令人满意的结果。

                  1. High color saturation and good color effect. Compared with traditional lithographic printing, lithographic UV printing can achieve a higher color effect, and for the printing materials with stricter color requirements, a more satisfactory result can be obtained.

                  2. 印纹光泽度高,视觉艳丽。与消光的底色搭配,可获得令人激赏的视觉对比,对于强化产品的高品质形象,极具助益(Tolliver,1998)。

                  2. High gloss and bright vision. With matting background color, we can obtain an exciting visual contrast, which is very helpful to strengthen the high quality image of the product (Tolliver, 1998).

                  3. 适用于物性及化性完全不同的多类被印物,包含纸、纸板、塑胶、赛路络、PVC、PE……等纸类与胶片类。此特性比传统平版印刷能印刷更多的产品种类,有更宽广的市场未来性。

                  3. Suitable for many kinds of printed materials with different physical and chemical properties, including paper, cardboard, plastic, Cyclo, PVC, PE... Paper and film. This feature can print more kinds of products than traditional lithographic printing, and has a broader market future.

                  4. 于印刷同时可立即干燥,可大幅改善生产效率(RadTech,1998)。由于不需要等待油墨干燥时间,所以生产时间可以大幅缩短,印刷公司也可以节省许多储存待干印件的空间,对成本节省多有助益。

                  4. Immediate drying at the same time of printing can greatly improve production efficiency (RadTech, 1998). Because there is no need to wait for the ink drying time, the production time can be greatly shortened. Printing companies can also save a lot of space for storing dry prints, which is helpful for cost savings.

                  5. 由于印刷时立即干燥,故不需使用喷粉,于改善因为喷粉所导致的品质问题,可以避免。

                  5. Because of the drying immediately during printing, powder spraying is not necessary, and the quality problems caused by powder spraying can be avoided.

                  6. 由于印刷时立即干燥,故可以不会像传统平版印刷一般,印下来的48小时内会有色彩变化情形发生(Ehrlitzer,1998)。

                  6. Because of the drying immediately during printing, it is not possible to change color within 48 hours as in traditional lithographic printing (Ehrlitzer, 1998).

                  7. 印纹的耐光性较佳。

                  7. The light resistance of printing is better.

                  8. 印纹的耐磨擦性较佳。

                  8. The wear resistance of print is better.

                  9. 对环境较为亲和(RadTech,1998)。

                  9. Environmentally friendly (RadTech, 1998).



                  In addition to the above advantages, lithographic UV printing has no shortcomings? The answer is, of course, that it has some drawbacks:

                  1. 平版UV印刷的机器投资成本比传统的平版印刷设备高,投资决策需更小心。

                  1. The machine investment cost of lithographic UV printing is higher than that of traditional lithographic printing equipment, so investment decision-making needs to be more careful.

                  2. 可以使用平版UV印刷的市场种类比传统的平版印刷市场更广,更分散,所以厂商若要投入发展此技术,应先进行市场的分析研究,以免投资设备后发生找不到订单的风险。

                  2. The market type of lithographic UV printing is wider and more dispersed than that of traditional lithographic printing. Therefore, if manufacturers want to invest in the development of this technology, they should first conduct market analysis and research, so as to avoid the risk of losing orders after investing in equipment.

                  3. 平版UV印刷的印墨成本为传统的平版印刷的印墨成本的3~4倍左右,材料成本高。印刷生产中的生产管理技术、制程技术,及成本控管,需要更严谨,否则成本损耗的比例会比传统平版印刷高。

                  3. Ink cost of lithographic UV printing is about 3-4 times that of traditional lithographic printing, and material cost is high. Production management technology, process technology and cost control in printing production need to be more rigorous, otherwise the proportion of cost loss will be higher than that of traditional lithography.

                  4. 印墨储存区需进行较严格的温度控制,需保持在20℃以下,仓储成本较高(HostmannSteinberg ,1992)。

                  4. Printing ink storage area needs strict temperature control, which needs to be kept below 20 C. The storage cost is high (Hostmann Steinberg, 1992).

                  5. 若紫外线外泄,对人员会产生健康上的影响。

                  5. If ultraviolet radiation leaks out, it will have a health impact on people.

                  6. 平版UV印刷不若传统平版印刷般普及,熟悉操作技术的人力供给,需仰赖自己培训。

                  6. Lithographic UV printing is not as popular as traditional lithographic printing. Manpower supply that is familiar with operation technology depends on its own training.


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