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                  Our company is a printing and packaging company, in order to better understand the relevant knowledge, the following edition and share with you the printing and packaging post-press processing:


                  First of all, we all know that printing and packaging products can be found everywhere in our daily life. The same part of product packaging needs moisture-proof, water-proof and oil-proof technology. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of our customers, we have studied and developed the use of water-based sprinkler in cartons and water-based polishing oil to replace the Film-covering technology in the past. The advantages of doing so are: low consumption costs, reduce air pollution, In addition, we should also know that it is recommended to use less film-coated processing as far as possible, because the paper after film-coated can not be recycled and applied, it will also constitute environmental pollution.



                  The pollution in the process of printing and packaging is mainly produced in the working link, so the company pays attention to the control and improvement of green design in printing. Usually there is a trend, especially in gift packaging. In order to improve the selling price of commodities, some enterprises often make articles on packaging materials and printing: packaging and printing should be as beautiful as possible, using better materials, more processes, and multiple prevention. Pseudo-printing, polishing, Film-covering and so on constitute the prevalence of over-printing and over-packaging. One is a waste of limited resources and energy, and the other is an aggravation of the impact on the environment. In addition, it increases the cost of packaging and increases the burden of consumers.


                  In order to shoulder more environmental protection obligations, in decoration design and creativity, the company tries to guide customers to apply the color, texture and luster of the printing material itself, avoid the design of full-page printing and over-printing, and adopt liquid purification technology for flexible printing plate, to minimize the use of traditional polishing, coating and other processes, and to minimize packaging materials and reduce printing. The difficulty of recycling after brushing wastes reduces the overall pollution of printing.

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