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                  Now your product is not good, don't worry about sales, many people will know, who has so many products now has time to slowly understand your products? Customers'costs are getting higher and higher, so in order to reduce customer costs, we will pay attention to product packaging, design a good packaging box. The importance of packaging should be enough to arouse the attention of both manufacturers and manufacturers, and the difference in packaging should also be achieved.


                  How to make your products sell well, how to make your products jump out of the shelves of a dazzling array of pleasant things, just rely on product quality and media bombardment is far from enough. Because, in a variety of supermarkets and self-service stores springing up like mushrooms, and now, directly to consumers is packaging.


                  Packing is the Attention Ticket


                  We all know the story of Maotai liquor. It is a world-famous national liquor. Maotai's packaging was really dirty at that time, or it wasn't dirty at all. Therefore, compared with other wine packaging, its price is too low to attract people's attention. If there were no smart people, they would be smashed on the ground, and the fragrance would be overflowing, which attracted all the people. Maybe no one knows now! That's enough to show the importance of packaging. The quality of packaging is directly related to people's interest in your products.


                  2. 逆向思维使产品脱颖而出

                  2. Reverse thinking makes products stand out


                  Sometimes dealing with things in reverse thinking can lead to unexpected results. People who know Wang Yangming's thoughts may know the thoughts of "me" and "no", and they often make the right choice. The application of color in product packaging design is no longer based on the traditional understanding. For example, in food packaging design, the traditional concept holds that it should be a multi-functional warm color physical design prone to appetite.


                  In addition to color factors, graphics and text are also important factors in product packaging design. While changing the color, we should firmly grasp the original essential characteristics of the product and accurately reflect the elements of pictures, graphics and visual symbols in the product information. This is the reason why product packaging design wins visually and is also the rule of winning.


                  3. Packaging can make customers Associate


                  Using packaging patterns in our products can make them more vivid and interesting. We should make full use of the combination of visual graphics and design factors, so that consumers can have rich psychological associations, affect consumers'emotions, and stimulate consumers' desire to buy. What we need to do is to resonate with consumers, close the gap with consumers and promote sales.


                  Packaging design has been a revolution of modern consumption habits. When many brands spare no effort to find more strategies and advertising terminals, they neglect cost-effective and effective communication carriers (packaging boxes), and make good use of the packaging of "silent salesmen" to make products sell beautifully.