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                  Many businessmen may also have some problems. Every industry has different degrees of change under the long baptism of handbag packaging factory. But the size, design and technology of mobile gift bags are basically fixed. It almost becomes a handbag and a stable tribe. That's why today Xiaobian is like everyone talking about why.

                  1. 影响产品主题太严重,从上个世纪,无线电叫机到现在的手机,虽然收音机仍然仍然使用在一些地区,但叫机市场,他们之间存在时间更短,这是后者,由于移动电话发展的速度过快,手机这类产品和许多常见需要手袋行业不同,他没有换季的影响,主题的多样性是稍弱,不同于服装行业,使手袋疯了,成千上万的风格并不奇怪,但往往是手机的主题是一个技术突破为主题,像过去的曲面屏幕就是一个例子,一些手机礼品袋定制的商人也发现它不容易出现太大的变化,以及变化的想法,也很容易揣度出整个手机礼品包制作的一些方向,所以设计也慢慢变得更加稳定。

                1. The impact of product themes is too serious. From the last century, radio calls to mobile phones are still used in some areas, but there is a shorter time between them in the call market. This is the latter. Due to the rapid development of mobile phones, such products as mobile phones and many common handbag industries are different. He has no seasonal impact, and the diversity of themes is slightly weak. In the apparel industry, making handbags crazy, thousands of styles are not strange, but often the theme of mobile phones is a technological breakthrough as the theme, such as the surface screen in the past is an example, some mobile phone gift bag customized merchants also found that it is not easy to change too much, as well as changing ideas, it is also easy to predict the direction of the whole mobile phone gift bag production, so the design is also easy. Slowly becoming more stable.


                  2. 供应时间和其他行业不同,我们的一个常见的手机基本上是每年更新一次国外的产品,所以他们太大创新的纸袋定制不是需求,将更倾向于统一,治疗,和其他行业,基本上是一个季度,该产品将会和不同大小不同,所以频率和高需求的变化创新的纸袋,因为这些东西会更频繁地购买,导致他们的包装出现在消费者面前的机会更高,因此为了避免疲劳,将更加严格要求自己创新,相反,手机的定制礼品袋之前不会再买第二年,这个包装消费者反复看到的概率是非常低的。即使重复2年,消费者也不会觉得太累,而是有一种久经考验的亲密感。

                  2. Supply time is different from other industries. One of our common mobile phones is to update foreign products every year. So they are too innovative to customize paper bags. They are more inclined to unify, treat, and other industries. Basically, this product will be different in size and size. Therefore, the frequency and high demand of innovative paper bags will change, because these things will be more frequent. In order to avoid fatigue, they will be more strict about their own innovation. On the contrary, the customized gift bags of mobile phones will not be bought for the next year. The probability of this packaging consumers seeing repeatedly is very low. Even if repeated for two years, consumers will not feel too tired, but have a long-tested intimacy.


                  Speaking of old friendliness, in fact, many gift bags affect the design of mooncake paper bags, which can imitate the brand. Packaging has changed for several years or even more. Consumers are looking for bags to determine whether they are authentic. Therefore, this year, updating the packaging of mobile phone products will not change much for so many years.


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