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                Light color knowledge of different wavelengths on the visual effect of the results, not any feelings at all. However, the color in life, every hour and moment are impressed us with different colors, can produce different psychological and physiological effects on people, and to people's age, gender, nationality, and experience environment vary. Then the color printed in Ji'nan, what kind of role play.


                First, the color of light and heavy feeling


                The degree feeling of color mainly by color brightness. Generally high brightness light and cold hue color feel lighter, white minimum; low lightness of dark color and hue of warm color feel heavy, of which the most important black. The same brightness, high purity color light, and cool and warm than appear light. Printed in Ji'nan, the general picture with the lower part of lightness, low purity color, in order to show stability; on children's book printing, suitable for lightness and high purity color, with a light pleasure


                Two, the color of luxury, rustic feeling


                The distinctive color purity and high brightness, such as red, orange, yellow, with a strong sense of lightness and purity and gorgeous, low sink coloration, such as blue, green is simple and elegant. The feelings of color, can make packaging more attractive, the typical features of the product is more prominent. To expand and promote the sale of goods


                Three, the color of warm and cold feeling


                Red, orange, yellow for the warm, easy Lenovo sun and fire, which is a warm feeling; and the green and blue is a cool color, easy to Lenovo ice, ocean, spring, which produce a sense of cool. Another group of well-being concept, namely the general color with white tend to cold, add black tend to be warm. Such as color to color the feeling of well-being of the greatest impact


                Among the various elements in the brochure design, the color is an important part. It can create an atmosphere and theme, strengthen the visual impact of the layout, direct attention and emotions of the people on the reaction; on the other hand, can also further reveal the personality characteristics of theme and image, enhanced perception efforts to impress someone, in the transmission of information at the same time to give people the enjoyment of beauty.


                Talking about the key points or neglected problems of each part of the paper and printing, we will look at it together


                1. edition paper should be properly kept, especially moistureproof and gas proof


                2., in the preparation of curing liquid and photosensitive liquid, absolutely can not use hot water


                3., the liquid and curing liquid of the mop plate is best to make one, and if share one, then wash out immediately after each use, two kinds of liquid medicine can not be mixed together


                The basic asphalt is dry before curing in 4. asphalt and must drawings, drawings in the side of the coating, coating anti, full version. In solution, if the curing liquid from the back through the painting, also can appear the curing and curing the scar


                5. drag over the curing liquid version of the paper will be on the water to absorb tar or anti put in blankets, otherwise the air leakage site will appear curing point water droplets form


                The curing degree of the 6. curing plate is proportional to the dryness of the sheet and the ambient temperature under the condition that the dosage is accurate. Therefore, when the paper is basically dried, it can be heated to promote drying and reaction speed