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                Once you work in a printing press, the printing house is a bridge between you and society and between others. A printing shop is the stage where you show yourself. The printing factory is the back of your beautiful family. The printing press is your arena, training station, beauty salon, and college! Printing is worth for you to enhance the value-added, printing is you settle in the inn, printing is you and the other half to your powerful weapon, the printing factory is you in the family and society the right to speak.

                01. 在印刷厂工作要学会珍惜

                1, in the printing factory, learn to cherish


                First, cherish the work. Work is duty, responsibility is play, and play is value. Thank you to those who take charge as chief of, thank you for giving you the burdens, thank for your support of the people. Because that's the chance, that's trust, that's the platform, and that's the right to speak.


                Two is treasure relationship. We must cherish all kinds of relations in the printing factory. A person is capable of dealing with a relationship only if he has a job relationship with him. No relationship between the working relationship, just play, wine and dine today, it does not belong to high quality.



                Three is to cherish the existing. In the printing factory, you already have, must treasure. Maybe you'll get tired of it for a long time. We should learn to adjust ourselves in time, so that we can have a new feeling and posture in front of the boring work. What you already have, once you lose it, you'll know what it's worth.

                02. 在印刷厂忌讳三点

                2, the most taboo in the printing press three points


                One is to push the work to others. Work is your duty, your authority, your duty, and the foundation of your unit. It is not wise but foolish to push your own work to others, unless you are too weak to do it. Buck passing is a form of evasion, and it's an inability to make people look down on you from the bottom of your heart.


                Two is fooling others. Fool others is a really stupid, for their irresponsible, especially for those people who trust you, rely on you, rely on you, not smart, you will The loss outweighs the gain.. Working together for a long time, your sincerity will move your colleagues. You may not know, a higher level of people than you, in the study of your ability and for people, we should see so accurate, so thorough, so consistent.


                Three is to sink down. Not the heart to sink in the printing job taboo. Printing is not superficial, not a hotel, not a tourist. The printing factory is likely to be a base for life. The opportunity is not dizzy with success. There is no chance or a missed opportunity and don't worry about personal gains and losses. Believe that the final winners are those who walk slowly.

                03. 在印刷厂里一定要注意这三点

                3 in the printing shop, be sure to pay attention to these three points


                Printing factory, regardless of size, leaders only one. Who can recommend you in a plane before, say good things about you people in your life. The nature of a printing mill is sort by position. Respect for age is only a superficial entertainment.


                In printing, the old have the advantage of the old, and the young have the advantage of the young. Never despise each other. Do a little more work in the printing shop, and someone will remember you well. Try to stay away from those who encourage you not to work and encourage you to engage in conflicts in the printing press.


                Never speak big in a printing shop. No one is afraid of your big talk. Everyone will look down upon you. Maintain one's own printing house, maintain one's work, and maintain one's profession. The printer can function without anyone, but try to prove that you're important in a printing factory.