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                from the point of view of the paper industry, the future of the paper industry will continue to be fierce. In less than half a month, steam coal soared to 1000. The country wasted up to 1500, and it still wasted several useless paper. The exchange rate is still falling endlessly, and the future is totally out of the question. Where are the imports? Waste paper is a losing business.


                For nearly half a month, the crazy rise in wrapping paper has made packaging printing industry wonder! One thousand years later, China appeared again "good writings make people copy them. the wonderful landscape. A piece of paper is hard to find and can not stand in line to buy paper, causing a large number of factories to be forced to stop production.


                Recently, the upstream raw material prices and exchange rate instability caused by the packaging paper prices surge, Hebei continuous fermentation, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta paper supply is very tight, with the cash to buy paper and no relief.


                Corrugated cardboard is a new wave of stop tide and price rise


                Today, the Pearl River Delta three carton factory has received notice, a number of cardboard factory announced No. 17 stop production, part of the cardboard factory to pay in advance, or else to stop orders. In Shenzhen and Dongguan, there were three factories that had delayed payment and could not buy the cardboard because the cardboard factory claimed to have "exploded".

                香港马报免费资料最新_20120922135061076107 (1).jpg


                Paper prices are boiling, exchange rates are deadly


                The last half month, with a slice of boiling to describe the upstream paper industry is not excessive. From the paper factory stock was sold out to the paper price a day a price, until the cash can not buy paper, I believe that all people did not imagine such a nightmare scene.


                After double eleven, the price of paper has not seen the slightest freeze, the price demand pull factors can be ruled out. On the contrary, the end goods do not rise or fall, so that the market demand is very low. Therefore, we have to rise due to the past eight years over the amount of money, because this is the result of foreign exchange devaluation and rising raw materials arch-criminal.


                It is particularly worth noting that China's paper materials are heavily dependent on imports, the exchange rate trends, or about the ups and downs of future packaging paper prices. But in reality, the current 1:6.9's exchange rate against the US dollar is still seriously overvalued if true purchasing power is taken into account.


                The reshuffle comes, millions of employment population how to live?


                To be sure, the price of paper will fluctuate in the future, but it will last for a long time. This means that a large number of packaging printing enterprises will undergo a brutal reshuffle, carrying millions of jobs in the packaging industry, printing industry will have a large number of employees are thrown into the unemployment force, and re face the crisis of survival.


                Then, what types of enterprises will become the bastion of our survival in the future?


                Small packages in the package seems, only those who usually work hard, and consumer stickiness is very strong enterprises in order to pass the cost pressure on the downstream customers in the period of excess capacity, and ultimately the remaining king. In other words, only those with adequate cash flow and good management of packaging and printing enterprises, is their iron rice bowl.


                In these enterprises employment, do not mention what salary requirements (because good enterprises have difficulties), work hard, and practice skills, persist in the cold winter in the past. Always remember that a crisis is an opportunity! That's true with both the boss and the employees. Winter in the past, you will see the million tree head of the spring scenery.


                Today's situation is only the beginning of the stage, the winter is still long, ready to fight protracted war. Winter drives people, please take care!