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                With the increasingly fierce competition in the printing industry, the rapid development trend of personalized short version, printing product is increasingly obvious and digital technology, more and more traditional printing enterprises try to digital printing and traditional printing method


                In the traditional printing quality and stability advantages, through digital printing a printing flexibility and convenience, expand on-demand printing business, to provide customers with a full range of printing solutions.


                Taking the book market as an example, on demand printing can make the publishing house do not have to process thousands of books at one time and store them in the warehouse, and then spend a few years digesting the inventory and even discarding the waste of resources and costs.



                Secondly, it can realize fast production, technically has been completely realized when the world single day delivery, but also can realize the remote data transmission and processing fast, but not necessarily in the factory and then shipped to off-site, save logistics cost and cost a lot of time.


                How to choose the equipment suitable for your own enterprise?


                For the traditional printing enterprises to invest in digital printing business, we must choose the digital printing equipment suitable for the enterprise itself. At present, there are many products, and the following principles are recommended when choosing:

                ☑ 设备高生产力、高质量、高自动化、高灵活性,在保证印刷高质高效的同时,大限度减少人员的投入和由于人员参与造成的高出错率。

                Equipment of high productivity, high quality, high automation, high flexibility, to ensure the printing of high quality and high efficiency at the same time, minimizing the input and due to the high error rate caused by personnel involved in.

                ☑ 印前,印中,印后设备相匹配,避免小马拉大车或大马拉小车导致的总体效率降低。

                Prepress, printing, Postpress equipment matching, avoid reducing the overall efficiency of small horse cart or big horse car to.


                Implementation of digital printing and traditional printing, digital printing and traditional printing quality consistency, this point is especially important for color printing. Through the selection of digital printing machine close to offset printing color printing quality, and color management and color matching software, the digital printing machine to undertake proofing, fill orders, small batch printing work, collocation and traditional offset printing machine perfect, flexibility and cost advantage maximization.

                ☑ 适应印刷智能化一体化管理的发展方向,采用国际通用的CIP4/JDF流程标准。避免多种相互不兼容的品牌/型号使用,增加信息化管理的难度。

                Adapt to the development direction of integrated management of intelligent printing, using the international standard CIP4/JDF process. Avoid the use of a variety of incompatible brands / models, and increase the difficulty of information management.

                ☑ 兼顾总体拥有及使用成本。

                Taking into account the total cost and.


                That's all,


                You as a printer,


                What happened to get?