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                The printing industry spreads all over the world, it's too big, and it can be divided into several different sections to explore:


                Books printed matter


                (advertisements, posters, picture books, magazines, newspapers and other commercial printed matter; textbooks, examination papers, notebooks and other educational printed matter)


                Prospects: by the impact of digital impact, the printing volume will be greatly reduced, replaced by the trend of the times


                The advantages of digital books and periodicals products are as follows: no copy cost, no entity (portable), dynamic video, interactive experience, more environmental protection, etc..


                As for the timing of the substitution, Xiao Bian speculated that commercial printing would be largely replaced in five to ten years, and that education could involve national administration, and the time would be long.


                Scene 1:


                Exhibitors need to bring a lot of publicity materials to the exhibition city, after the exhibition, will also carry a large number of picture books (not finished picture album and other interested merchants picture book) back to the company. By using digital, both sides can exchange the company information through Bluetooth or WIFI of the exhibition hall.


                Scene 2:


                Students do not need to pack in class, a flat, an electronic pen on the deal.


                If you click on the words or short sentences in the English book, you can know the correct pronunciation, and even can identify your pronunciation is correct, where is wrong?. A sentence on a professional book has links, and it can be clicked to link to expand learning directly. There's an event in history books, videos and so on


                All of the above are the existing technology.


                Packaging printed matter

                (纸箱、纸盒、纸卡、塑料盒、铁皮盒等包装类印刷品 )

                (cartons, paper boxes, paper cards, plastic boxes, tin boxes and other packaging printing)


                Prospects: with the fierce competition in the products, more and more attention to product packaging, more willing to pay more cost to produce exquisite packaging, printing and packaging industry overall profit margins will be improved. Therefore, more high-quality packaging materials and the use of miscellaneous processes will be widely popular.


                Plastic, aluminum foil, art paper will be used more.


                In addition to the traditional process of gilding and embossing UV, the printing process will be developed.


                Packaging appearance is more diverse, no longer completely cube world, began to have a variety of special-shaped packaging.

                其它类 印刷品

                Other printed matter


                (labels, nameplates, patterns on the surface of the product, printing, etc.)


                Prospects: there is no alternative technology, but the market has been basically saturated, will maintain the overall situation



                So the prospect of the overall printing is the decline of books, the growth of packaging, and other basic status quo


                But in recent years, affected by the external economy, the printing industry is relatively depressed, but the printing of the practitioners too much, good quality of the industry, which is conducive to the survival of the fittest, and promote the healthy development of the industry


                With the demand for commercial printing and the further reduction of digital printing costs, digital printing will further erode the traditional printing market.


                In addition, digital printing is just a way of printing, but the printing we discuss here is generally refers to the whole process of production from prepress to finish, so it is more about the improvement of a technology.


                Two, the printing industry is not labor-intensive enterprises


                The degree of mechanization of the printing industry in the domestic manufacturing industry is relatively high, not labor-intensive enterprises.


                With the increasing wages of domestic workers, entrepreneurs are more willing to use automatic equipment. Such as book binding, packaging die cutting, bronzing, paste boxes have already been fully automated equipment. Even before the need for a large number of artificial fine mounting box also has automatic equipment.


                In addition to the manual part of the printing plant must be manual, most of the machines can be used, which means that a small number of workers can produce a large number of products.


                Three, the quality of Chinese printing industry is close to developed countries such as Europe and America


                The most developed countries in printing industry are Germany, America and japan. The printing technology is not sophisticated technology, equipment exported to domestic no restrictions, so the production technology and equipment used in China can not too big gap with the developed countries, which is why there are a large number of printing products exported to foreign countries and one of the reasons. In addition, China's human cost is very low, environmental costs have never been calculated, the integrity of the industrial chain is also a few important reasons.


                Of course, equipment manufacturing and printing technology research and development, or Germany and Japan is very strong, this gap is very obvious.


                In addition, the digitalization of developed countries is more fierce, and digital printing is more prosperous.