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                (1) material: the bottom material of the lamp box now used - the flexible light box cloth, in the domestic market, there are the odonon, 3M, Kalie, SONTEC, Korean lamp box, etc. the main raw material is the polychlorinated polyethylene oxide surface layer of the warp and weft lines, suitable for the production of all kinds of outdoor light boxes. Its indicators are different and prices are different. In selecting, we should grasp the specific functions and fully consider the applicability of various indicators. For example, PC material used for thermoforming is suitable for outdoor light boxes. It has high impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and is an essential material for high-grade light boxes. Slot type material is the special aluminum side plate imported by the United States, 15 colors, 3 specifications, suitable for various types of typefaces, can be built in the light source, in addition, the night luminescent materials, such as fluorescent paste, cold light film, has also been used in the market.


                (two) outdoor advertising production process is varied and develops rapidly, except for traditional neon technology, printing, glue paste and hand painted road signs. The introduction of technology has been widely used in recent years.



                1, heat transfer printing technology: adding solid ink on flexible light box cloth to do hot pressing treatment. It is as bright and bright as day and night. It can replace adhesive paste. The surface layer and the protective film are more resistant to ultraviolet radiation and automatic scavenging. Thermal transfer technology is an ideal technology for outdoor light boxes. It is especially suitable for dealing with typefaces and cartoon blocks, with a shelf life of up to 5-8 years.


                2, light box fabric tightening system and profile lamp box technology: can make the lamp box firm, smooth, durable, can resist 100KM/ hours of wind.


                3. Lamp box cloth joint: high frequency and high pressure hot seam, special welding band and special seam belt are auxiliary technical means to deal with the picture of light box.


                4, computer spray painting: widely due to the processing of outdoor light box pictures, the clarity of 9, 12, 36, 72, DPI and so on, suitable for the amplitude of 5M, suitable for different locations, different distance of outdoor light boxes and production. In recent years, the high definition and large scale painting equipment of foreign entry into the Chinese market are 240DPI, 360DPI, and width 5M, but the price is high and the applicability is limited, it is not suitable to be widely popularized.


                5, computer portrait: more than 240DPI resolution, suitable for indoor and outdoor close advertising.


                6, thermoforming process: suitable for PVC, PC, organic plate and other materials, can make the logo, text, graphics have a variety of colors, one of the forms, is one of the modern fashion light box.


                7, slot type technology: Contemporary high-grade font production technology, the use of professional equipment, fine production, is a substitute for copper, iron word of the new generation of products.


                8, computer engraving light box technology: built-in lights, external computer engraving, uniform contour light, is a new type of light box products.


                9, all kinds of computer engraving process: suitable for the production of all kinds of signs and fonts.