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                1. 明确目标

                1. clear goals


                Goals vary from situation, nature, content and intention. Poster design is to convey target information and stimulate audiences. If the target is not very clear, it will be difficult to design a poster that matches the psychology of the target audience. What to talk about to induce the expected response. Before we start preparing the poster, first of all, we need to decide who we are looking for. I want to see what people do after the posters... Everything depends on the style of the poster design.

                2. 要具备的布局和版式

                2. have excellent layout and layout


                The canvas on which the poster is sitting is a pure white space. In a logical way, from a simple framework to another, lead the attention of passers-by. You can try to achieve these leads in an unusual and eye catching manner. We should look for the appropriate framework in other people's posters and learn from them. Finally, it is important to remember not to use characters less than 24, and to ensure that core ideas can be found at a glance.

                3. 内容很重要,但必须简明


                The 3. content is very important, but it must be concise.


                Every part of the poster should be centered around the central idea. The content must be clear, accurate and concise. Because the posters are limited by the inherent space, the latter is especially important for making posters. The introduction of first-rate painting materials into the poster is sometimes able to turn confused and confused data into a consistent and convincing story, and a carefully made form or illustration is often more clearly than a long text. Not to use the artistic effect of high difficulty to express. Illustrations should be made from two aspects of macroscopic surface and microscopic details.

                4. 海报设计要体现制作者的个性

                4. excellent posters are designed to embody the personalities of the producers


                Poster is different from dull, rigid and humanized paper. Designers should regard posters as an extension of their personal charms to attract passers-by so that they want to read in depth or talk directly to you.

                5. 海报的影响必定会延续到以后

                5. the influence of the excellent posters will continue to the future


                After a considerable effort to make the poster, do not expect the greatest impact on the day of making a speech, because it requires a good speaker and the audience to interact. By trying to attract the audience, a carefully read audience will attract others.

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